MOMIX showcases or produces performance of artists for its international and local delegates as well as for the Mauritian public, where the most exquisite international and local artists perform their original work first hand; this 2019 sees an array of potentials from Mauritius, Reunion Island, South Africa, Zimbawe, Nigeria, Canada and Jamaica.

Wednesday, 2/10

Opening Ceremony at Ravenala Hotel,

EMLYN - Mauritius

Song-writer and performer, Emmelyne is more verse to World music with a slight touch of Sega (traditional music of Mauritius).


Words flow through her pen and her voice. Beautifully talented, Melanie Pérès continues to be one of the Mauritians who continue to grow up promoting Mauritian Creole.

ANNEGA - Mauritius

Bearing a powerful and soulful voice ! A free spirit, oozing positive vibes as well as her never-ending genuineness, step into the universe of the beautiful soul of Annega.

Thursday, 3/10

6pm to 10pm at Place du Moulin,
Port-Louis Waterfront

OMA - Reunion Island

Reunionese Duo based in California, USA, hitting it big in Oakland and now on to touring the world; Classy Electro-Chic Pop powered by tropical souls and two profound smiles.


Nkululeko Madolo aka BLACK DILLINGER, was born in a township called Gugulethu, in the rough ghettos of Cape town, South Africa. As a youngster, this tradition of resistance also inspired by his love for music and soon he began to make himself a name among a powerful new generation of reggae artist in the townships.

AURUS - Reunion Island

Main project of amazing Reunionese singer-songwriter Bastien Picot, professionally involved in various roles with Stevie Wonder, Fred Wesley, Charles Aznavour, Yael Naïm, Richard Bona, André Ceccarelli, Sylvain Luc, Hadrien Feraud, Maya Kamaty or Ribongia, Aurus is on its way to becoming a trend setting intergalactic modern pop extravaganza; watch out for that singular voice from the Indian Ocean!

EMLYN & TIM ZENI - Mauritius & Reunion Island

Encounter between local new age Sega Princess Emlyn (Mru) and contemporary musical explorer Tim Zeni (Run).


IC Omo Allen is a tireless, ever-vibrant, intelligent, talent who’s not just exceptionally good with his music, but also impressively dynamic as a communications expert as well.

Friday, 4/10

6pm to 10pm at Place du Moulin,
Port-Louis Waterfront

MANNYOK - Rodrigues Island

Mannyok is an energetic section from Rodrigues, a small autonomous dependency of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Somewhere between traditional and world music, the combo manages to transcribe all the soul of their island using an impressive amount of instruments


Blessing Bled Chimanga is a musician from Zimbabwe. He is well-known for playing the drum, marimba and percussion. He is a music teacher and music creator.


Fusional Mind brings together the fragrant sounds of Reggae, Soul and encapsulates World Music in an exciting and dynamic way. These island boys bring credit to the Mauritius live music scene offering listeners a tasteful selection of original songs.

CHELSEA STEWART - Canada/Jamaica

Classically trained born-entertainer-performer, Chelsea Stewart is a mesmerizing songbird highly adaptable and incredibly impacts on any kind of audience size. Pop star in the making? Certainly has the will and the ingredients!

TIM ZENI - Reunion

Maloya with Soul processed by a contemporary brain nurtured by popular traditional music and culture in Reunion Island, that is what gorgeous Tim performs as an original act.


MOMIX LAB was inaugurated in 2017 through a regional collaborative project (one live and a recording released) called SOLEY (Sun) involving Krystel from Madagascar, Tiloun from Reunion Island, Isham from Seychelles and Eliasse from Comores; further, in 2018, Eric Triton (Mauritius) worked with Laksman Das Baul (India) and band Flasbak (Mauritius) collaborated with Pierre Nesta (France).

This 2019 sees collaborations between legendary afro-oriental guitar virtuoso Eric Triton (Mru) and Canado-jamaican songbird Chesea Stewart as well as an encounter between local new age Sega Princess Emlyn (Mru) and contemporary musical explorer Tim Zeni (Run).

MOMIX LAB considers musical workshops and meet & greets for starters and evolves to studio and live exploitations of collaborations where relevant and natural; as long as possible, the lab will be active.