MOMIX presents a series of Crash Courses and Professional Training for the Music Sector in Mauritius. This project is possible thanks to European Union, IOMMA, Scène Australe, Conservatoire National de Musique and Jorez Box

Professional Trainings specific to Music sector development

MOMIX, until now, has organised for 8 free training sessions over the last 2 years; aiming to provide to growing music professionals a comprehension of international standards and practices in Artist Management, Production, Stage Performance, Digital and mechanic rights and Communications. These trainings have been supported by the European Union, Jeudi Formation and Jorez Box.



MOMIX LAB was inaugurated last year through a regional collaborative project (one live and a recording released) called SOLEY (Sun) involving Krystel from Madagascar, Tiloun from Reunion Island, Isham from Seychelles and Eliasse from Comores; this year the experience continues through two encounters: Eric Triton (Mauritius) & Laksman Das Baul (India)), met in Indonesia, to be pursued in Mauritius this October and in India come November; Flasbak (Mauritius) & Pierre Nesta (France), started in Reunion Island and on track for Mauritius.

MOMIX LAB considers musical workshops and meet & greets for starters and evolves to studio and live exploitations of collaborations where relevant and natural; as long as possible, the lab will be active.

On going Lab projects:

Eric Triton x Lakshman Das Baul

Flasbak x Pierre Nesta