The Mauritius Music Expo (MOMIX) is an annual initiative launched in 2017 with the aim of networking all cultural actors involved in the professional practice of Music in Mauritius (Artists, Managers, Producers, Festival Organisers, Media) with the general intent of connecting with world music professionals from around the world through grasping the realities of sectorial & territorial stakes and provide ground for stances considering efficient export of live acts and exploitation of recordings.

MOMIX has an international focus on one year and a national focus on the other; this year takes place the local focus.

The Mauritius Music Expo (MOMIX) intervenes at a large scale through:

International Partnerships specific to mapping global touring networks
MOMIX trades with Moshito (South Africa), IOMMA (Reunion Island), IndieXchange (India), Reggae Sun Ska (France), Yal Prod (France), CINEA (Seychelles), Libertalia (Madagascar), Immedia (Mauritius & Korea), Culture Events & Productions (Mauritius).

Professional Trainings specific to Music sector development
MOMIX, until now, has organised for 8 free training sessions over the last 2 years; aiming to provide to growing music professionals a comprehension of international standards and practices in Artist Management, Production, Stage Performance, Digital and mechanic rights and Communications. These trainings have been supported by the European Union, Jeudi Formation and Jorez Box.

Conferences, talks and forums
MOMIX is eager to provide spaces for conversations between international and local practitioners on various music sector relevant subjects; touring, export, festivals, management, development, etc.

Showcase festival and Live acts
MOMIX showcases or produces concerts for its international and local delegates as well as for the Mauritian public, where the most exquisite international and local artists perform their original work first hand.

Workshops for starters, then projects evolve to studio and live exploitations for collaborations where deemed relevant market wise; as long as possible, the lab will be active to provide for encounters between Mauritian and international artists..

MOMIX KIDS Mauritius Music Expo Special Program for Children
MOMIX organises for awareness building around the practices in the Arts and, quite specifically, Music through holding participative workshops in 6 public primary schools; children, therefore, get to experience instruments handling tutorials and light performances by international and local artists.

Made in Moris is a Seal (proof of local production) developed by a professional network of Mauritian Retailers not involved with Music products until this year; where the development of a specific made in mauritius music Seal is being explored. Made in Moris and its network of retailers are now an official partner of MOMIX